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The Saigonese’s special Pho

“Anyone who knows Vietnamese cuisine knows that the soul of pho soup is its spicy broth stewed in bones. The Phở at this intimate and cosy café-restaurant run by a couple of cousins is prepared in South Vietnamese style, and its broth is so perfect that you have to savour every last drop!

The Saigonese also serves Vietnamese summer roles and bao steam buns, as well as the lunch of the day, and everything is available as a vegan option too. Its vegan pho is made from vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and spices and is an unbelievably tasty umami bomb that is served with various soy strips, tofu and mushrooms.

Special mention goes to the addictive chili oil flavoured with lemongrass and garlic, as well as the friendly service!”

By Timo Santala from

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Pikatestissä paljastui herkullinen löytö: tästä vegaanisesta pho-keitosta löytyy syvyyttä

“Viileänä alkukesän päivänä jo ajatus kulhollisesta kuumaa, runsaan aromaattista ruokaa lämmittää sisuskaluja.

Palvelualtis kaksikko ottaa meidät vastaan ravintolassa. Yhdellä seinällä loimuaa virtuaalinen takka, kaiuttimista kuuluu pianoversiointeja menneiden aikojen Broadway- ja Hollywood-musikaaleista.

Useimmat asiakkaat ovat tilaamassa ruokaa mukaan tai tulleet jo noutamaan annoksia. Vilske ja tuttavallisuus luovat kotoisan tunnelman.”

By Arda Yildirim from Helsingin Sanomat

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Our Approach

Authentic food is the central of our work. We dedicate our time and effort to make the most tasty and healthy food as we can. In addition, we would like to build the restaurant in a way that our customers - our friends feel like home and fully enjoy the time being with us to experience Vietnamese cuisine.